Things You Should Know About College Loan Consolidation

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When every student graduates from college that is the time they realize that all of those loans that they took out to complete their education will soon becoming due. The stress of paying multiple loans or even one loan is a lot for a new graduate. In most cases the loan can be deferred for a short time after college but ultimately they will have to be repaid. With multiple loans the best solution would be to consolidate all of those loans into one loan.

Things to Know About Consolidation

College loan consolidation is basically combining several loans into one loan, where one loan repayment schedule is followed instead of multiple payments. The existing loans are paid off and the student is left with one loan. Most of these loans are at a fixed rate and the lender usually allows the lender to spread the payments out over an extended period of time.

How to Find a Consolidation Lender

The first step in college loan consolidation is to research lenders, the best place to start is with the lenders that already exist on the current loans. If all of the loans are with one lender that is even better because the interest rate may be much cheaper. If this is not the case research at least 3-5 lenders. Get quotes from each, determine your repayment abilities and start applying. A good lender will have the expertise, skilled counselors, be accredited, safe and reliable and offer free debt consolidation quotes.


College loan consolidation is the best solution for those people that have multiple loans with high interest rates. The chosen lender will renegotiate the terms of the loan and possibly waive the late fees and high interest rates. This step will give anyone a peace of mind knowing that they only have one monthly payment that they can handle financially.

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