Using School Loan Consolidation

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From the Finance Research Center

Finding loans to pay for an education can have its ins and outs. Paying for them has them as well but there are options to simplify the process and save you a headache or two. School Loan Consolidation can be such an alternative. One of the most useful things about loan consolidation is that it simplifies - greatly. It combines (consolidates) all of your loans under one loan so you can make a single monthly payment instead of multiple monthly payments at different dates a month. Because making a single payment instead of many is more practical, loan consolidation can make paying for loans less time-consuming and lower the risk of making a late payment (which can cause penalty fees that add to your debt).

Moreover, consolidation will likely result in a lower interest rate than the combined interest rate of the original loans. It also gives you the choice to pay the loans over an extended period of time, which will make your monthly payment lower – easing your financial strain.

While Loan Consolidation can be a very option in repaying school debt, it is not the best option for every circumstance. Loan Consolidation is essentially the taking out of an additional loan to pay for many. It may significantly increase the total cost of paying your loans. In some cases the consolidated school loan rate may be higher than the interest rate on the other loans; it’s not advisable to use consolidation in such case because you can end up paying many thousands more in interest over time, especially if you have a large loan.

Further, consolidation may not be advisable if you are already halfway through paying for your loans - especially if you don’t need monthly pay relief; it may not be worth the effort and the extension of the payment. In such a case, take care to find out the total cost of repayment for your unconsolidated loans against the cost of repaying a school consolidation loan.

School loan consolidation can be very helpful if used correctly. Do your homework when looking to consolidate your loans - it will pay off in the end.

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